A pure player of Digital Transformation.
We help companies build their Cloud Native DataPlatforms and acheive their Data Driven Strategy. We offer a wide range of IT services and Kubernetes trainings.

About us Training

Cloud Computing

Migrate your legacy on-premise applications to Cloud Computing infrastures like AWS, Azure and GCP. Reduce your Ops costs and pay as you go.

Big Data

Design, build and deploy Big Data Platforms. Choose your suitable platform, Cloud Data Centric, Deltalake or Lakehouse.

API & Microservices

Break your monolith application into microservices and use container orchestrators like Kubernetes.

Machine Larning & AI

Design, train and deploy at scale your Machine Learning models.


Strengthen your application security and improve the collaboration between developers and Ops by adopting DevSecOps approach.


Increase the rate and the quality of your delivery and reduce the time to market by applying Agile best prcatices.