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Kubernetes getting started

Course description

This course introduces participants to container orchestration with Kubernetes. Attendees will master the foundational concepts of Kubernetes in development and production through a combination of presentations, demos, and hands-on labs, including building and deploying Kubernetes applications, cluster monitoring and debugging.

This course also covers system components, core resources, and the requirements for minimum viable cluster security.

This training provides a solid foundation for passing the CKAD certification.



  • Understand the interest and characteristics of Kubernetes and microservices
  • Know how to deploy “ Cloud-Native ” applications on a large scale on a cluster or in the cloud
  • Mastering kubeadm, the Kubernetes installation tool
  • Understand how to deploy Kubernetes in production
  • Enable automatic application scaling
  • Implement high availability and self-healing of software services
  • Optimize the storage of large masses of data with volumes
  • Develop advanced infrastructure and application monitoring
  • Automate the updating of the software versions of its applications

Targeted audience

This course is designed for those who are new to Kubernetes and containers, as well as those who have had exposure but would like to gain a deeper understanding. No prior knowledge of Kubernetes is required. This course is suitable for developers, operations, architects and anyone seeking to gain a strong foundation in modern, Cloud Native software delivery.


  • Have basic knowledge of containers
  • Basic knowledge of Unix/Linux systems

Course outline

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Workshop outline

  • Container basics

    • Docker : Deep dive into Docker concepts
  • Kubernetes basics

    • Minikube : Provision local kubernetes cluster
    • Kubectl : Configure and run kubectl commands
    • Namespace : Explore kubernetes namespaces
  • Kubernetes workloads

    • Pod : Run, configure, exec into and delete pods
    • Deployment : Create and manage deployments
    • Job : Create and schedule Jobs
  • Kubernetes pod configuration

    • ConfigMap : Create configMap and configure pod to use it
    • Secret : Manage credentials with Secrets
  • Kubernetes network

    • Service : Use kubernetes ClusterIP and NodePort services
    • Ingress : Use Ingress to Load Balance external traffic to the cluster
  • Kubernetes deployment

    • RollingUpdate : Zero downtime with RollingUpdate deployment strategy
  • Kubernetes storage

    • PersistentVolume : Create and mount to pods a shared hostpath volume
  • Kubernetes monitoring

    • Minikube Dashboard : Explore kubernetes built in dashboard
    • Prometheus - Grafana : Monitor Kubernetes resources with Prometheus and Grafana
  • Advanced workshops:

    • Kubeadm cluster: Create a 3 nodes Kubernetes cluster with kubeadm
    • Drain node: Drain a node to simulate a cluster maintenance
    • NetworkPolicy: Secure network traffic using NetworkPolicies
    • CKAD Mock Exam: Hands on CKAD mock exam