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About The Project

This project is a Flask Restfull API that exposes PUT and GET HTTP endpoints running on AWS Fargate.

The APIn exposes the following HTTP-based APIs:

PUT endpoint

Description: Saves/updates the given user's name and date of birth in the database.
Request: PUT /hello/`username` { "dateOfBirth": "YYYY-MM-DD" }
Response: 204 No Content


username must contain only letters. YYYY-MM-DD must be a date before the today date.

GET endpoint

Description: Returns hello birthday message for the given user
Request: Get /hello/`username`
Response: 200 OK

Response Examples

A. If username's birthday is in N days: { "message": "Hello, username! Your birthday is in N day(s)" }

B. If username's birthday is today: { "message": "Hello, username! Happy birthday!" }

Built With

The application is developed with :

Project content

  • Application - Application code Python3 and dependencies
  • Terraform - Infrastructure code AWS Platform.
  • Swagger - API description Swagger standard.


  • Oussama BEN CHARRADA - Initial work